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What is the Difference Between General and Addiction Psychiatry in Towson

General and Addiction Psychiatry in Towson

Treating addiction requires an understanding of what addiction is, how it manifests and what treatment approaches work best. As a subset of general psychiatry, addiction psychiatry focuses solely on screening, diagnosis, and treating individuals who have one or more addiction disorders. These disorders can include drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, or impulse control disorders. Unlike general psychiatry which treats a myriad of behavioral and psychiatric disorders, addiction psychiatry focuses on treating addiction disorders. The Bergand Group, offers both general and addiction psychiatry in Towson, and their professionals can help.

Benefits of Addiction Psychiatry

If you are seeking psychiatric help for an addiction disorder, there are a number of benefits from addiction psychiatry. These benefits include:

  1. Different Perspective: the addiction psychiatrist helps you identify harmful behavior patterns and situations. The psychiatrist works with you to change these harmful patterns.
  2. Coping Techniques: part of the process is helping you learn healthy coping strategies and giving you a safe environment to practice using these strategies.
  3. Added Support: your addiction psychiatrist is a vital member of your support team. The treatment specialist may be the only one you feel you can turn to at the beginning of the recovery process.
  4. Relapse Prevention: by teaching you coping skills and helping replace harmful patterns with healthier ones, your chances of relapse are decreased.
  5. Relationship Advice: in addition to treating the addiction disorder, the psychiatrist can help you repair damaged relationships. The psychiatrist can also coach you on creating new, healthy relationships that will support recovery instead of relapse.

Importance of General and Addiction Psychiatry in Towson 

When looking for someone to provide general and addiction psychiatry in Towson, make sure they are addiction psychiatry certified to increase your recovery chances. Providers without addiction psychiatry certification can only provide a fraction of the service and support you need to promote addiction recovery. You can count on your addiction psychiatry-certified provider to follow the best practices needed to help you achieve recovery success and healthier living.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there is help available. For general and addiction psychiatry in Towson, contact the professional at The Bergand Group, and get on the road to recovery.

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