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Utilizing General and Addiction Psychiatry in Towson in Recovery

General and Addiction Psychiatry Timoinium MD

If you are facing drug addiction and looking at general and addiction psychiatry in Towson, you might be curious about the difference between the two. Addiction psychiatry is a subspecialty that looks at the specific evaluation and treatment of people with one or more diagnoses that are categorized as an addiction. Many times addiction psychiatry is also referred to as substance abuse professionals.

Benefits of General and Addiction Psychiatry in Towson

If you are looking at both general and addiction psychiatry, it may be confusing to choose the best option. Even more so if you have a general psychiatric diagnosis and are battling addiction. However, this is more the reason to seek out an addiction psychiatrist as they are trained to handle the co-morbidities that come with addiction.

Whereas a general psychiatrist may have light experience dealing with addiction, an addiction psychiatrist is trained and certified to deal with addiction and also has all of the training of a general psych. This makes them able to effectively treat addiction and any co-morbid mental health issues without missing a beat and helps addicts get their best shot at recovery. Treating the entire person instead of just the addiction is the best way to prevent relapse.

Why Opt for a Psychiatry-Certified Addiction Therapist

Not everyone is qualified to work as a psychiatry addiction therapist. Any psychiatrist can state that they treat people with addiction, but unless they are certified they are likely to be a general psychiatrist that occasionally sees people with addiction in their office. People who are trained and certified to help addicts are more aware of the psychological effects of addiction and how they can persist into daily life even once the addict is sober.

The decision between general and addiction psychiatry in Towson should be clear if you are an addict who wants a treatment option that won’t lead to relapse. Contact The Bergand Group to get more information about addiction therapists.

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