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The Differences Between General and Addiction Psychiatry Timonium MD

General and Addiction Psychiatry Timoinium MD

Do you want to know the difference between general and addiction psychiatry Timonium MD? If you do, you’re not alone! Many people want to know they’re receiving the best care possible. That way, they’re not tempted to visit another treatment facility or outpatient program.

Let’s take a look at the two areas of psychiatry to see where they share similarities and what differences they have today.

General and Addiction Psychiatry Timonium MD

Addiction psychiatry differs from general psychiatry because it focuses strictly on addiction, its causes of it, ways to recover from it, and ongoing treatment options. General psychiatry encompasses mental health in a similar way as addiction psychiatry, but it doesn’t emphasize specific addictions such as drugs and alcohol. The subspecialty of addiction psychiatry is based on science and effectively evaluates, diagnoses, and treats addiction.

Locating an Addiction Psychiatry-Certified treatment program takes minimal effort. It involves you researching your options to see who’s best suited to assist you. The next section of this guide goes over the importance of choosing a program that is certified. As a result, you have access to the latest tools and resources available for treating addiction.

Key Differences

Receiving the right treatment option is imperative because it increases your success. If you don’t know who to contact that is addiction psychiatry-certified, don’t worry. The Bergand Group provides immediate and up-to-date information when called. You won’t lose valuable time trying to get evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. Instead, you’ll find a staff of professionals who understand the challenges of addiction, willing to assist you right away.

Addiction psychiatry certification is awarded when an individual demonstrates knowledge about the subject and proves proficiency by fulfilling all certification guidelines. Individuals who do not undergo addiction-specific training do not have the tools needed to help people recover from active addiction. When choosing an addiction psychiatrist, it’s important to look for a person who has done the training necessary to be awarded the title of Addiction Psychiatry-Certified.

The Bergand Group

If you’re ready to explore general and addiction psychiatry Timonium MD further, The Bergand Group is who to call. Thanks to the many different resources we have to offer you, you’ll learn quickly which options are worth investing in today. You’ll be one step closer to healing your body and your mind by unlocking the mystery of your addiction.

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