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Recover with General and Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore County

General and Addiction Psychiatry in Timonium Maryland

Both general and addiction psychiatry play significant roles in treatment. Addiction psychiatry is a rather new subspecialty of psychiatry. Its goal is to help patients with addiction issues while treating co-ocurring psychiatric disorders. Since each person’s addiction is unique, addiction psychiatrists cater to their individual needs. If you or a loved one needs general and addiction psychiatry in Baltimore County, the Bergand Group has licensed psychiatrists that can offer their help.

The Qualifications of an Addiction Psychiatrist

Addiction psychiatrists must complete medical school and be certified as a general psychiatrist. Then they commit to an ACGME-accredited residency in addiction psychiatry. The residencies are one-year programs in a clinical setting or hospital where the psychiatrist learns how to diagnose and treat substance abuse disorders. When they finish their residency, they can work in a private or public setting.

How Addiction Psychiatry can Help You Recover

Addiction psychiatrists are known as substance abuse experts. They are trained to recognize the various factors that contribute to each person’s struggle with addiction. Those who struggle with social stresses and mood disorders are also likely to struggle with addiction. The psychiatrist diagnoses and treats the disorders co-ocurring with the substance abuse issues. This means that they get to the root of the issue and treat the issues accordingly. It creates a higher success rate of recovery.

What Addiction Psychiatry Entails

During the first session, the psychiatrist asks the patient for their medical history and mental health concerns. Then they find the solutions for the patient, which may include psychotherapy and medicine. Sometimes medications are not used for certain addictions. Unlike other psychiatrists, addiction psychiatrists are equipped to handle substance abuse disorders and mental health diagnoses.

The Bergand Group Offers General and Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore County

At the Bergand Group, our psychiatrists create a plan for each individual which may include group therapy, medication, and other programs. Our goal is to help clients who have experienced incredibly discomforting disorders in an ethical and sensitive manner. We also offer Intensive Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Detox/Withdrawal Symptom Management, Individual Therapy, and DUI and DWI Educational and Aftercare Programs. For more information about our services, contact us today.

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