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How Can Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore Help You?

Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

General psychiatry involves preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental disorders and emotional issues. Addiction psychiatry is a subspecialty that focuses on addiction and impulse control issues related to drugs, and alcohol, among other areas. Addiction psychiatry in Baltimore can be extremely helpful, more so than general psychiatry, for people who struggle with any type of addiction.

The Benefits of Psychiatry for Someone Who Wants to Recover From an Addiction

People grappling with addiction benefit from addiction psychiatry because they get help with multiple issues, not just addictions. Depending on the situation, treatment might not need to involve medications and focuses on meaningful, effective change. It focuses on people as their whole selves.

Addiction and recovery are complex issues that often involve brain chemistry, brain rewiring, medication, and new habits. It is difficult for a person doing it alone to treat an addiction. Part of the reason is that many people who struggle with addiction have dual diagnoses with other conditions. For example, someone who abuses alcohol might also have social anxiety, depression, or a mood disorder.

Addiction psychiatrists focus on treating these addiction issues along with the co-occurring disorders. They work to identify triggers, causes, effects, and much more. They customize treatment plans that incorporate the potential health effects of addiction and treatment. For example, withdrawing from certain drugs can cause potentially deadly side effects. Addiction psychiatrists are well aware of this and approach treatment to ensure patients remain safe.

Why a Person Who Is Certified Can Help You Recover

Certified addiction psychiatrists undergo medical school and general psychiatrist training. They then receive specialized education and hands-on experience in addiction psychiatry. While a general psychiatrist can help people with addictions, certified addiction psychiatrists have in-depth training on the unique complexities involved in addiction.

Could You Benefit From Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore?

If you are looking for addiction psychiatry in Baltimore, The Bergand Group offers treatments for people who have tried to recover previously, those who need in-depth assistance, and those who are new to recovery. Depending on the patient, treatment may involve both medication and therapy. All treatments involve a customized plan of action. Get in touch today to discuss your situation.

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