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Exploring General and Addiction Psychiatry Timonium, MD

General and Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore County

If you are a loved one are suffering from addiction or a substance abuse disorder, you might have looked into general and addiction psychiatry Timonium, MD for help. It can be confusing looking through medical options and attempting to identify the difference between the two and which will be the most helpful. While addiction psychiatry is one of the newer forms of psychiatry and is only about 30 years old, it can play a very vital role in the recovery of an addict by offering specialized attention to their unique needs.

What is Addiction Psychiatry?

Addiction psychiatry is a subset of psychiatry that focuses on addiction and impulse disorders. Addiction psychiatrists are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients suffering from an identified addictive disorder. They regularly treat people with substance abuse disorders, alcoholism, compulsive gamblers, sex addicts, and overeaters. There is a growing need for general and addiction psychiatry Timonium, MD, because of the sharp rise of substance abuse over the last decade. They are in high demand because they provide specialized care and support for addicts to aid them in their initial and long-term recovery.

Benefits of Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction psychiatrists are trained in general and addiction psychiatry in Timonium, MD. After obtaining their certification, they need to commit themselves to an ACGME-accredited residency in the field of addiction psychiatry. This allows them extra experience and hands-on experience in clinical settings where they learn how to treat substance abuse and coexisting psychiatric disorders. Trained addiction psychiatrists utilize psychotherapy to treat individuals, which means they treat the whole patient, not just the addiction. This proven technique has been shown to produce strong recovery results because it addresses the addiction and the comorbid mental health issues that might have contributed to the addiction.

Beat Addiction with General and Addiction Psychiatry Timonium, MD

If you or a loved one is fighting addiction, then general and addiction psychiatry Timonium, MD can help. A trained addiction psychiatrist is your best tool for sustainable recovery. Contact The Bergand Group to learn more about addiction psychiatry and how it can help you or a loved one.

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