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October 2016

Trauma and Addiction and Substance Abuse Disorders - The Bergand Group

Trauma and Addiction Require Joint Treatment

Last month was National Recovery Month which is “dedicated to raising awareness and understanding around mental (behavioral) and substance abuse disorders and celebrating the people who have recovered.” However, that doesn’t mean recovery shouldn’t be celebrated and that awareness shouldn’t be promoted throughout the rest of the year. With the state of addiction in the country

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Intensive Group Therapy - The Bergand Group

Intensive Group Therapy Brings People Together

The difference between intensive group therapy and other forms of treatment for addiction is that this one operates under a different kind of dynamic. The group can learn together, challenge each other, and support each other in their recoveries. This can make all the difference within treatment for addiction, particularly considering a group’s ability to combat

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Recovering from Addiction and Issues of Substance Abuse - The Bergand Group

Recovering from Addiction: Fighting the Brain

We’ve discussed before that brain chemistry has a serious hold over your struggle with (and ability to overcome) addiction and issues of substance abuse. Researchers are still announcing huge developments within this field, though: “Yesterday, MIT neuroscientists unveiled a groundbreaking new discovery that pinpoints the brain mechanics involved in making an emotional decision.” We are becoming

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Psychoeducational Program - The Bergand Group

Psychoeducational Program Benefits Explained

A psychoeducational program, by name, seems fairly self-explanatory. Simple, even, in concept. These programs are meant to educate those involved about the particulars of one mental illness or disorder or another and even about the nature of addiction itself. The Bergand Group offers such programs to aid those who are struggling, so read more about them to discern

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